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Warehouse Services

Import Warehouse

- Receive / Check / Log Inbond Cargo

- Hold Cargo for Customs / Freight Release

- Coordinate inspections with US CBP

- Assist with US CBP notices for marking, wood packing compliance issues, etc.

- Coordinate with Brokers / Forwarders / Importers / NVO's to ensure all cargo is ready for release/delivery to importers


General Warehouse

2 Locations 10000 SF and 20000 SF

3 Forklifts (Various Capacity)

Fork Extensions, Long Pallet Jacks

3pl Central WMS with client portal

Consolidation / Distribution projects

Short Term Storage

Pool Distribution activities

Packing / Repacking / Unpacking

Labeling / relabeling


Fulfilment Projects

Cross Docking Operations

Loading / Unloading Ocean Containers


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