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We are a very unique company, unlike anything New Mexico has ever experienced in the past.


We are based in Albuquerque with actual employees, a fleet of trucks, and a physical warehouse right here in Albuquerque.


We work behind the scenes to support the interests of the world's leading 3pl, Logistics, and Freight Forwarding companies who need a hardworking, honest and dependable last mile and warehouse "agent" to work on their behalf in New Mexico and crossing into nearby states.


Additionally, we provide backbone support to the import/export industry as a neutral provider of warehousing and trucking/logistics and warehousing services to be used by logistics companies and the shipping/importing public. 

As the home of ABQ Ocean Port, we assist forwarders, brokers and importers with all the necessary inland port services to clear, expedite, examine and deliver their shipments throughout the region from all over the world.  


Our name has a few meanings.  One is our focus, on the last mile, the narrow roads found in cities, towns and neighborhoods, more so than the wide open highways.  Our name is also a biblical reference to making quality choices.  To choose the Narrow Road means you are choosing the best path which leads to the best results.  We believe that ethics and morals matter at all contact points with our company.  We want to be known for honesty and integrity with our employees, vendors and our clients.  We are not perfect and we will make mistakes from time to time, but how we handle those will set us apart from our competition.  There will always be many wrong ways, but now there is also the right way....The Narrow Road way.


Our Vision

Our vision is for a company where our goals are not financial, our results and activities are honoring to God and our people are happy to be involved in a company with integrity.  Our mission is to provide the most professional and widest array of services of any similar company in New Mexico.  We endevour to treat our people right, use technology to help when possible, and take care of our vendors and clients better than our competition.

Our People

What else can we say, we feel that our staff and drivers are the best in town, and our customers tell us the same thing.  We have loyal, hard working, committed employees, and a highly experienced crew of drivers.  With strong, focused leadership based decades of wide ranging industry experience, and a focus on integrity and doing what is right, everyone feels proud to be part of what we are doing and of where we are going.


Our Facilities

The best full service facility at ABQ airport. ~10000 Square Feet of clean/organized and highly secured warehouse and professional office space.  Our warehouse has several dock high doors and ground level access, and tons of parking for all sizes of trucks, including a razor wire secured area for overnight parking. Our building is monitored by state of the art alarm service and HD cameras inside and out with off site video archiving and online remote access.  We are the closest cargo agent to the ABQ Cargo Center and to US Customs offices.  We also have an additional 20,000 SF with racks, 4 docks, and ramp. 

Our Technology

We heavily invest in technology infrastructure.  We offer true EDI capabilities, online tracking/reporting/document viewing, GPS tracking, redundant data backbone, backup power systems, high tech dispatch center, barcode scanning, POD Signature Capture, Document imaging, and more.   Warehouse WMS software with client access portal.  Dispatch software also has client portal, email notifications, reports, document imaging, etc.


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